No Pencil No Cry

We’re putting together a set of pencils.

As long as you look, feel, write, perhaps even smell like a
pencil – no matter the size, nor colour, nor presence of an end eraser anymore (or ever) – you can be a part of our set of pencils.

(Picture by Gautam Valivetti)

This is only one part of the big picture of course.

There are those pencils that weren’t as pretty or may not even be fully functional. Well, what about them? Well, of all those kinds of pencils, we will allow those that were already around when the set is to be formed.

We will not take in any new ones from farther away that don’t quite fit the idea of how we think pencils ought to be, because this might damage the chances of there being more of them manufactured along the lines of our idea of pencils. Not to mention this might indulge the fantasies of other defective pencils that would like to join the set.

How can we let in more of those kinds of pencils? No no.

How about letting in a ballpoint pen?
Although they can certainly put down as much as a pencil and what’s written will probably remain, they don’t quite look the part. But, just maybe, we can let in the ballpoint if it would agree to function within the limits created by the set of pencils at large. Perhaps we can even create a subset inside our set to allow pens to live out their predestined
function, even letting in defective pens so long as they don’t use up any more resources than are
allocated to the subset.

Also why not crayons for that matter?
It might be good to develop the image of a superset of writing implements. Or it may not, if any of the pencils decide to make it personal.

Take people now. We wouldn’t dream of classifying them. It’s painfully difficult you see.

At least objects such as writing implements lack emotions, we believe – fantasies of pencils notwithstanding. With people, there are all these different sentiments we have to worry about hurting. Further misfortune; they’ve gone and developed cultures too. All these complex ideas on how they ought to live their lives. So we let them be. Selecting whom they want in their set informed by their cultural choices, maybe even a constitution. Ideas change, cultures evolve, laws are amended. We can only pray that they’re kind to one another and that history remembers us fondly.

Author Bio
Gautam Valiveti is a mechanical & energy engineer who would like to write more about nature, science, and stationery.”

Redefining Nationhood
For Indian writers writing in English, this is a tumultuous time to be alive. Politically and culturally speaking, a lot is happening in our nation today. And these posts are our attempt to decipher, understand, and explore the concept of nationhood. Our writing is a celebration of what it means to belong to a nation that is as diverse and pluralistic as India is. And in this attempt, if we persuade people away from propaganda, we might have just created literature.
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