The Song of Wants

What do we make of this,
Our lives, this world?
What did we want of this life?
Chants ring, bugles blow,
Is this what it has come to?
We have come so far,
We go back to those,
Same terrains,
The same movie played in dark cinemas,
Over and over again,
With the same ending.
The grass was cut,
The backyard was cleared,
There was just the right amount of grass.
And there was a swing…
The weeds have grown back again…
The kids need to cycle,
And the grownups need to rest on weekends.
Chants ring,
Loud war cries of the oppressed and the oppressors, without rhythm fill the streets.
How can there be rhythm,
It is not poetry, music or dance.
Is this what it has come to?
The kids need to cycle…
The grownups need rest…
What did we want of this life?
That ordinary rhythm of life,
That backyard.
Not this.


I have come here,
Searching for a tree in bloom,
A song which will ring in my ear,
When I am nearing the crossing of that stream, into pastures,
A quiet street I can tread on,
Spy novels,
I have come here.
In search of friends,
A romance,
A kiss.
Why we have all come here?
For what?
But there is turmoil,
Within and without.
What we think matters,
Philosophy, arts, love, science, logic, admiration, intelligence, religion, health,
Doesn’t matter.
What I thought mattered,
Seems insignificant now,
All I can see in the middle of this turmoil,
Are those folks,
Gathered around the cart,
Having piping hot lunch,
This brilliant afternoon.

Author Bio
Balu George is a C.A. He is a self published poet. One of his screenplays has been optioned by Outcast cinemas. His works have appeared in The Hindu, Spark, and The Literary Yard.

Redefining Nationhood
For Indian writers writing in English, this is a tumultuous time to be alive. Politically and culturally speaking, a lot is happening in our nation today. And these posts are our attempt to decipher, understand, and explore the concept of nationhood. Our writing is a celebration of what it means to belong to a nation that is as diverse and pluralistic as India is. And in this attempt, if we persuade people away from propaganda, we might have just created literature.
Do you think we have?
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