We, the people, have a say.

When people ask me if I’m hindu, I reply ‘yes’.
Sometimes, if I’m feeling rather bold, I follow it up with a,
“But I’ve clicked unsubscribe from hinduism.”

The paradox between my religious upbringing, and my political views. Are aplenty.
I grew up praying when I was afraid of the dark,
praying a day before some of my finals too, indeed!
I didn’t pray when, behind closed doors, there was alcoholic abuse, or when
I knew fate and prayer had no say.
There lurks evil, inside good people, and we are all good and bad.
Religion is personal. The personal is political.
But there is an in-between.

(There’s always an in-between)
“India” is a place where community has always been strong, where we are bound,
not by tongues, today, not even by ghee roast, definitely not by beef cutlets.
But we’ve known that already, and civics tell us we must represent all of us.
That our Parliament, is to be a mirror, of the rest of the Nation.

Which is why today,
The holy book isn’t the Bhagwad Gita to me, it isn’t the Holy Bible, or the Holy Quran.
It’s the book we were founded upon, the one we ask you to handle with care.
(With reasonable judgement)
Which is why today,
we get up to the streets, up away from our Facebook statuses, and Instagram stories.
And merely say: ‘Look into this piece of legislature, rethink it.
Listen to our side. We, the people, have a say.”

Author Bio
Tanya Singh is a women’s studies graduate, currently working in public policy. She is from Dehradun, Uttarakhand and the need of the hour has dictated her first political poem!

Redefining Nationhood
For Indian writers writing in English, this is a tumultuous time to be alive. Politically and culturally speaking, a lot is happening in our nation today. And these posts are our attempt to decipher, understand, and explore the concept of nationhood. Our writing is a celebration of what it means to belong to a nation that is as diverse and pluralistic as India is. And in this attempt, if we persuade people away from propaganda, we might have just created literature.
Do you think we have?
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