My Google Chrome history in the last couple of days,
speaks of my ignorance of being an Indian.

While I enjoy endless jokes on Trump,
every law furbished here is swiped away from the notifications.

It took a loud bang for me to wake up,
Kids – younger, shouting for freedom on Instagram.

Friends – Muslim, talking about discrimination.
Colleagues – opinionated, debating over lunch in the office.
Writers – all around, calling for submissions.

I close the window of Trump memes.
I google what a clueless person in a clueless country can do.
I pick up a book, read deeper about the nation we are.

Invasion, riots, power play, freedom.
Eid, Dussehra, Poornima, Onam.
I want to learn before forming opinions,
I refuse to remain ignorant further.

Someone once told me,
‘You can remain apolitical, as long as someone is at your doorstep,
asking you to live a certain way.’

Nobody has come knocking yet,
but I better prepare myself.

Author Bio
Archana Nair is a free spirit who writes short stories around conservative societies. She is an avid reader, a wannabe traveler, and a daydreamer.

Redefining Nationhood
For Indian writers writing in English, this is a tumultuous time to be alive. Politically and culturally speaking, a lot is happening in our nation today. And these posts are our attempt to decipher, understand, and explore the concept of nationhood. Our writing is a celebration of what it means to belong to a nation that is as diverse and pluralistic as India is. And in this attempt, if we persuade people away from propaganda, we might have just created literature.
Do you think we have?
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Bangalore Writers Workshop (BWW) is interested in fostering the creative mind, encouraging a community, and making writers aware of who they are as creators of text. Bangalore Writers Workshop is a unique, effective, and interactive method of bringing a group of writers together and allowing them to study the craft of writing while simultaneously receiving constructive feedback on their own work. BWW uses the workshop method. We run intensive creative writing workshops with small groups in Bangalore. Our groups are fuelled by passion and the creative energy of people with diverse life experiences. Find out more on our website. www. Bangalorewriters.com
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