The species that evolved only in name

Muhammad didn’t save the Crusaders,
neither did Christ save the Protestants!

Hashem didn’t save the Jews in Europe,
neither did an Aryan God save Hitler!

Ram couldn’t care less about a Shudra transporting beef.
Vardhamana doesn’t hang any follower for eating meat.

Has anyone ever lived the seven lives of Hindus?
Or fornicated with seventy two virgins of Jannat?

Four-and-a-half billion revolutions around a star!
That’s how long it took to be where we are!

The universe is bountiful but rarely forgiving!
We have only a handful of moments to relish!

Remember the dinosaurs? Of course you do!
But, pause and think! Who will remember you?

Author Bio
Pankaj Saini is a techie based in Bangalore. Music, history, and mythology inspire him; and his writings reflect his exploration of the same. Read his first book, Music Men Volume 1, a fiction fantasy here.

Redefining Nationhood
For Indian writers writing in English, this is a tumultuous time to be alive. Politically and culturally speaking, a lot is happening in our nation today. And these posts are our attempt to decipher, understand, and explore the concept of nationhood. Our writing is a celebration of what it means to belong to a nation that is as diverse and pluralistic as India is. And in this attempt, if we persuade people away from propaganda, we might have just created literature.
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