Give Me My City Back!

As 98B took a right,
Into the cave of New BEL Road.
Trees on either side,
Extended a cool welcome back home.
Tree-caves we used to call them,
In a jungle called Bangalore.

Indiranagar or Ashoka Pillar,
The caverns looked the same.
Green heads on brown trunks,
What a guard of honour they waved.
Mighty chill we used to say,
In a haven called Bangalore.

Lurking in a shawl on a hot summer noon,
“It’s cold indoors! Has winter begun?”
So I climbed for some warmth on the roof,
But then, a breeze made me shiver in the sun!
Garden city we used to proclaim,
Was a city called Bengaluru.

Author Bio: Subhashri C V from Bangalore is a linguist by choice. After a decade spent juggling others’ words in multiple languages as a translator, she is now trying to breathe life into her own writing for there are stories inside her waiting to see the light of day.

Care about Bangalore city?
Comment. Like. Share. Spread the word.

Whether you call it Bengalooru, Bengaluru, Bangalore, or the Ooru – join us in our protest against the elevated corridor.

Urban projects that have been depleting Bengaluru’s green cover, have taken their toll, and the proposed elevated corridor is the worst of the lot. It would remove Cubbon Park from the map, along with 3,700 trees.

Sign the petition here.

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Bangalore Writers Workshop (BWW) is interested in fostering the creative mind, encouraging a community, and making writers aware of who they are as creators of text. Bangalore Writers Workshop is a unique, effective, and interactive method of bringing a group of writers together and allowing them to study the craft of writing while simultaneously receiving constructive feedback on their own work. BWW uses the workshop method. We run intensive creative writing workshops with small groups in Bangalore. Our groups are fuelled by passion and the creative energy of people with diverse life experiences. Find out more on our website. www.
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