Tale of the trees

Once there flourished
A garden city
Its occupants stood
Tall and proud
Magnanimous by nature
They sheltered
All under their broad canopy

Birds and bees of every kind
Frolicked amidst blooms
Varied, multi-hued
Neither too hot nor too cold
It was perfect in every way
As Goldilocks would say

Word about paradise spread
Humans soon swarmed
Upon vacant squares,
they erected tall towers
Stealthily the species claimed
spaces they never owned

Beauty met a ghastly end
Butchered in very possible way
By beasts, oh, so many!
This is no fairy tale ,
She lamented and cried

The green warriors perished,
In a battle one-sided
Pay heed, mend your ways,
Screamed their battle scars
Before vibrancy gets replaced
By deathly, sombre greys.

Author Bio: Uma Chellappa is a freelance content writer who discovered her writing bones by accident. Books, travel, music bring her alive. A trained singer, a hands-on mother, a decor enthusiast, she likes to wear many hats.

Care about Bangalore city?
Comment. Like. Share. Spread the word.

Whether you call it Bengalooru, Bengaluru, Bangalore, or the Ooru – join us in our protest against the elevated corridor.

Urban projects that have been depleting Bengaluru’s green cover, have taken their toll, and the proposed elevated corridor is the worst of the lot. It would remove Cubbon Park from the map, along with 3,700 trees.

Sign the petition here.

Note: If you’re in town you can also participate in the rally against the elevated corridor slated for this Saturday, 16th March. Details here.

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