BWW Star: Milestone

The door was ajar. The absent-minded maid had forgotten to shut it again.

Black Butt the mosquito buzzed into the apartment elated. She was fantasizing about all the juicy blood she would savour that night. Black Butt was humming around the living room when she heard footsteps. She took cover in a large smiling family portrait above the oak bureau. A balding Mr. Menon had his arm around his daughter who sat between her parents as if gluing the two adults together. Something about his chubby pink face hinted that he used to be a handsome man in his heydays. Black Butt had settled just below the mole on Mrs. Menon’s right cheek.

Mrs. Menon locked the front door scolding the maid for her carelessness. Black Butt followed her to the kitchen without getting caught. What if she did get caught? She shuddered at the ill-fated end. 
“Thankamme, put away the tomatoes in the fridge,” Mrs. Menon instructed the maid, leaving the shopping bag and her purse on the counter.

The maid, a plump ball wrapped in a polyester sari, looked up from where she sat peeling potatoes for dinner. She looked like the perfect target to Black Butt. Just as she was going in for the first bite the maid sprang up, startling her. Black Butt almost died suffocating in the polyester pallu. A cell phone rang. Mrs. Menon started blabbering and left the kitchen. The minute Mrs. Menon was gone, the maid rushed to the counter, snatched a few notes, and thrust it into her generous bosom. A dejected Black Butt left the kitchen in search of a less active target.

“Honey, let’s meet up for lunch tomorrow. Anyway Mr. Menon is on an official trip to Mumbai”, Mrs. Menon was still on the phone.
Black Butt went back to the living room and buzzed around the portrait. If only these stupid humans stood still just like they did in the portrait. Mrs. Menon was holding a cuddly baby. Black Butt’s mouth watered instantly.

Rhythmic snoring was heard in the background. It came from a white furry mass curled up on the sofa. Black Butt zipped to it and hummed around it. Two green eyes popped open on the white furry mass. Black Butt froze! She could see her stunned image in them. Claws out, the Persian cat meowed. It was more like a roar to little Black Butt. The cat lost interest realizing little mosquito wasn’t food. It got on all fours and stretched. Black Butt was awestruck by the furry creature’s enormity. The cat jumped down from the sofa. Without the cat’s notice, Black Butt sneaked into its fur.

“Amme, did you see my chemistry textbook?” a girl’s voice asked. 

The cat walked towards the owner of the voice. Black Butt poked her head out. The girl from the portrait was peeping out from a partly open door.

“It is in the top drawer of your study table, Aria,” Mrs. Menon’s replied.

Aria picked up the cat and closed her bedroom door. Black Butt almost got crushed when the girl ran her palm along the fur. She flew out and landed herself safely on the yellow floral wallpaper. The cleanliness of the room irked her. It was so clean that she could see her reflection on the white marble floor.

“You don’t want to look, Fluffy,” Aria said as she opened her wardrobe and faced the colour-coordinated clothes.

“Fluffy? Humph! What a silly name!” Black Butt thought.

Aria took out a boot. From it she pulled out a red lacy camisole. Black Butt watched the girl as she twirled around in it in front of the life-size mirror that faced her neatly-made bed. That interested Black Butt. She rubbed her antennae in glee. “Finally! I’m going to get my first drink of the night!”

Aria took out her cell-phone and clicked her photo. Engrossed in sizing up her snap she didn’t feel a thing as Black Butt’s stylets sank into her. After pressing the send button she absentmindedly rubbed the red bump on her arm as if consoling herself for the misdeed done.

Seven-month-old Rayan sleeping in the master bedroom started crying. Aria quickly changed into her pj’s and darted to get the baby. Fluffy and Black Butt followed.

Mrs. Menon fed him and left him with his sister. The little one crawled to the mirror and sat wobbly. He touched his reflection and giggled. 

Aria held out a big yellow ball. “Come get this, cootchie-coo.”

“Goo gah!” Rayan babbled as he stretched for it.

Black Butt made a beeline for the baby. “I am gonna get you, kid!” she hissed. She had almost reached the infant’s cheek and…


“Amme! Come fast. Rayan just clapped!” exclaimed Aria with joy.

BWW Star
The dream of every writer is to be read. And to be read and appreciated by as many people as possible. BWW makes that dream a reality.

BWW Star is a writer who has worked with us at BWW and whose work amused, moved, inspired, and/or made a difference in our lives. We are sure you will enjoy and be encouraging too.

From the second batch of BWW, we proudly present Shabna Kalandar a student who is doing her Masters in Computer Applications. Shabna is a quirky, fun writer who explores the world through her incredibly vivid imagination as evinced in this piece.

Shabna Kalandar in her own words

Shabna Kalandar

I am friendly, kind, and everything nice. On the flipside, I’m stubborn, forgetful, lazy, impulsive, and never on time! I am not much of a talker, but if I start you’ll scream “Somebody stop her!” Hey, that kinda rhymes! 😛

And yes I do write. But as mentioned above, I am too lazy to sit down and write. Many stories have died in my head because of that. So now I walk around with my diary so that I can jot down ideas that pop in my head as my co-passengers in the bus watch as if I am a loony.

I want my published works to wave me goodbye from the shelf when I breathe my last.

Encourage our BWW Star
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5 Responses to BWW Star: Milestone

  1. Thank you so much everyone! 🙂

  2. Balakrishnan says:

    Very nice. I enjoyed reading it. Milestone well achieved. 😛

  3. Shali says:

    Hey Shabna, good job……great job actually. The mosquito reminds me of the life most of us are leading. We constantly dream of the future we want to have, missing out on the present. And then in a snap, just like that, our life is over.

  4. Haha.. following the travails of a mosquito. Amusing.. is there a sequel ? The people in the house seem more interesting!

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